Zoom Yoga


Accessing yoga on Zoom really is quite easy.  It is open for anyone who has previously done face to face yoga with me.  Once you register and pay for the term, you will be sent a link for the zoom yoga class.  It is usually the same link for the whole term.  The link is open approximately 15 mins before the start of class if you want to log on early to say hello or ask any questions etc.  Once we start the session, all participants are 'muted' to help eliminate any distractions. It is appreciated if you keep the camera on your device turned on and angled in a position to allow the yoga teacher to observe you during the practice.


As always during the yoga practice, please listen to your body and take extra breaths or breaks when needed. If something doesn't feel right, please stop. Modifications can invariably be given to postures so please always 'unmute' and bring any issues or difficulties to my attention and don't forget to tell me beforehand if you have any new injuries or aches and pains.




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