Individual Tuition / Yoga Therapy


Group yoga classes are very much a Westernised approach to yoga (and something I personally really enjoy).  Individual tuition, one to one sessions, was how yoga was traditionally taught.  TKV Desikachar advocated the teaching of yoga on one-to-one basis as it allows the teacher to give personalised adjustments and recommendations.  The yoga can really be bespoke for the individual. 


Nowadays, it is often called yoga therapy and the aim is to allow you to either start or deepen and develop your yoga by regularly following a bespoke, individually tailored practice at home.   By meeting regularly this allows each practice to be designed to meet an individual’s own identified needs and lifestyle demands and will usually consist of asana (physical postures of yoga) and pranayama (breathing).


If you would like to learn more about individual tuition / yoga therapy and how it may benefit you; what the costs are etc please contact me using details on the contacts page. 

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